Being Healthy in TahitiI’m really not a ‘perfect’ parent. I try, but sometimes after I’ve helped with the homework, prepared the ski bags, trimmed their nails and nagged about manners, I realize that the day’s proper nutrition didn’t quite happen. I used to be the mom who was obsessed with steaming homemade baby food and baking healthy snacks, but my youngest is an especially picky candy monster and sometime I simply don’t have the energy to battle about broccoli.

With a desire to pursue constant tree-climbing, his lack of energy and proper nutrition have become an issue. I don’t want him to be sleepy in school, and with a huge March Break trip looming, I decided my goal was to make nutritional changes so that the whole family would be healthy in Tahiti. Sometimes a mom needs a bit of help, though.

I decided to start both boys on IronKids gummies in order to boost their vitamin and nutrient intake. Slowly the soccer kicks got harder and the smiles got brighter. And then we embarked on a huge trip to Tahiti and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle in my little one were seen everywhere I turned.

There was the high dive off the catamaran inJump off Catamaran Bora Bora Bora Bora.

And then the reeling in of a Ramora fish.
Bora Bora Fish Catching

And being able to sustain a dance party on the deck of the boat in heavy surf.
Dance Party on Deck

I noticed such a change in them both that I vowed to start the vitamin program myself. I need to be healthier in order to keep up with the monkeys.

Adult Essentials and Iron Kids gummies are formulated with the unique nutritional needs of men and women in mind and they are also gluten, dairy and nut free.

So the next time we hit a catamaran in the South Pacific? I’m jumping off the top deck too!!


This is a sponsored post from Ir on Kids Gummies and Adult Essentials Vitamins. All opinions (and results!!) are our own.