Baby-proofing and picking out nursery colours aren’t the only things expecting parents must do to prepare for a new baby in the home. Training and preparing the family dog for the baby’s arrival is essential. To help young families and families-to-be, Bark Busters, the world’s largest dog training company, has developed a cheat sheet for parents.  Just like so many other aspects of parenting, the more you prepare beforehand, the easier it will be. So this what to expect from Your dog when you’re expecting

Bark Busters’ Top Dog Training Tips For Expecting Parents

1. Start ignoring your dog’s demands for attention.  The demand for attention from your pooch will increase once baby is home so stop the behaviour before it starts.

2. Switch up your dog’s schedule. Get your dog accustomed to different feed and walk times at least two months before baby’s arrival. Your dog needs to get used to being outside more and having different eating and sleeping schedules.

3. Bring home a blanket from the hospital with your baby’s scent on it.  Put it in the crib, swing and car seat. Let your dog get used to the smell before baby comes home.

4. Sounds extreme but this is a highly effective way to prep your pup!  Buy a doll that cries like a baby and begin carrying it around wrapped in a blanket.  Do the same with the “baby” in a crib and walking with it in a stroller.

5. Be sure the dog has no way of getting to soiled diapers.  You don’t want him or her to acquire the taste and sniff out the diaper while it’s still on your baby!

6. Never leave baby and dog alone, ever! Keep your dog in his kennel or crate when working in your yard or home where you may get distracted. At nighttime, it is best to have your dog sleep in a crate or portable den. It provides a “safe place” for your dog.

Want more? A trained Bark Busters behvioural therapist is available in your area to provide additional training tips and advice for families. Please contact me for further information or to book an interview.