Having just one newborn is enough to set off every aspect of a normal lifestyle, so if you’re having twins – or are already experiencing the tornado of “needs” that comes along with two newborns at the same time – you will have to get used to maximizing your time and resources. Once you have lined up your available resources, figure out a schedule that works for you. We know that you’re thinking: “Easier said than done”, and you’re right, but you would be surprised how much less stressful your life can be, even with newborn twins!

Take Care of Your Own Health

One of the most important things you can do is take care of yourself. Again, another “easier said than done”, however you should continue to take your vitamins and maintain a healthy diet. Eat smaller meals or healthy snacks in between caring for your little ones to keep up your energy and stamina. Definitely stay away from those “uppers” like coffee, caffeine, and sugary candies. You might get a little pick-me-up from them, but the let down will surely take a toll on you.

Visitors Bearing Gifts

Rather than bringing gifts for the babies, you could request that visitors who want to come see the new precious twosome bring dinner for the parents. Or, you can suggest that the visitors pick a time that is convenient for them to come over for a couple of hours and watch them for you while you go to the grocery store or handle other errands. Consider doing this during the twin’s up-time, rather than at naptime when you should be getting some rest, too.


There is no doubt that newborns conjure up a lot more housework than you are used to. Don’t pressure yourself to get everything done in a day. When your babies are sleeping, make sure that you rest, too. The housework can wait until you are rested – and it will be there when you are ready to do it. If you are near family or have friends that are willing to help, recruit them to help you with the babies while you are handling the housework – or vice versa.
Now is the time to learn how to ask for help, especially if you are one of those “I can do it all by myself” people. Consider networking with other mothers of twins and learning some of their tricks of survival through the newborn stages. And remember: things will get easier as the twins get older.