When you’re a parent, there are always a million things to remember, especially when you are trying to get out the door with everything you need. You have to remember to pack diapers (how many will you need?), bottles, wipes, a change of clothes (in case they spill or spit up), snacks, rubber toys, the list goes on and on. ‘Always be prepared’ is the motto of motherhood, after all. A trip to run a few errands can feel like preparing for a week-long cruise.  

Then, when you finally get out and about, hauling all the things you need, you inhale deeply and realize this kid needs to be changed NOW. Next, you have to find a spot clean enough to change the baby, which in some cases is like Mission Impossible. Inevitably, after the diaper is changed and your baby is fresh and clean, they get hungry and, of course, the bottle is cold. Because of course it is.  

As prepared as you think you are, things can still go off the rails. Yes, for the past several years running UrbanMommies I have been called a ‘parenting expert’ in the media. But just in case you’ve ever run into baby trouble and need a good laugh, here are a couple of stories. Once I was on a 5 hour flight with my newborn and checked the diapers in my suitcase. UNDER THE PLANE. There are never enough panty liners stocked in airplane bathrooms to deal with this kind of parent idiocy. On another occasion, an emergency change was required and the restaurant bathroom couldn’t have been filthier. Having opted for a basic purse that day, I had no blanket or changing pad. Eventually, my sweater had to be placed on the ground in order to get my poor baby clean. Ha! Be prepared.

Woman wearing Becko diaper backpack

Thankfully, the common struggles of parenting were all considered by the nice folks at Becko when they were designing their diaper backpack. Each compartment has a specific purpose to make your life easier. The specially designed bottle compartment means the milk will stay warm enough for when your baby is hungry. The handy changing pad gives you a flat and clean surface for changing diapers. The two pitfalls above would have been totally avoided if I’d had this on my back! Problem solved.

Becko Diaper Backpack

You can check out all the other cool baby gear on their website.  Use the coupon code EB8L2Y62 for an extra 15% off when you check out. Good luck with your errands (and airplane travel)!


Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by our friends at Becko but all opinions are our own.