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BodyMedia Fit with Bluetooth Link

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Bodymedia FitAnd although I am happily married, a guy said that I am sexy.  And that I’d be even sexier if I lost 20 pounds.  Yeah.  Why is it that I never have a good comeback?  Silence.  And anguish.  And the decision to lose 20 pounds so that the next time I see him I can totally diss him.  Ahh.  The woman scorned.  And even better – a woman who has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Bodymedia FIT LinkI was sent the BodyMedia Fit with Bluetooth Link two months before the January resolution craziness.  I was very excited.  You strap it around your upper arm and it tracks everything, including depth/length of sleep, steps and heart rate.  You manually input food and drink consumed into the computer or a smartphone and the device syncs automatically, tracking your daily calorie burn, sleep and consumption.  It encouraged me to do another lap with the dog and to reach for the skim milk instead of orange juice.  It was also a constant reminder that I was taking better care of myself.  Like a little guardian angel on my arm.

The verdict?  A keeper.  I’m down 10 pounds.  And for the record?  I’m no more sexy than I was.  Just a bit healthier.

Disclosure: UrbanMommies was sent a Bodymedia Fit unit to test and review.

Jill Amery

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