It isn’t uncommon for expecting moms to notice that you are losing your balance during pregnancy. If you consider the fact that your bodyweight can increase by 20-40 lbs or more, with much of this weight forward of your normal center of gravity, it is understandable that your body’s balance mechanisms might get thrown for a loop. Normally your body knows automatically knows where all of its parts are without you having to think about it (kinesthetic perception), but when your shape changes it takes a while for your systems to adjust. Remember that this is a gradual change through your pregnancy, unlike after delivery where your body changes shape again very drastically overnight. One simple exercise that you can do to speed up your adaptation to your changing body is to stand on one foot. For many this will be difficult, but if you find it easy, try to increase the difficulty by rising up onto your toes or closing your eyes. Be sure to stand near a wall or table that you can grab if you lose your balance. Challenging your balance systems for a few minutes each day will help them to condition quickly and keep you feeling more stable and secure.

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