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The Moment of Tooth

FAM, kids By January 14, 2015 Tags: , , , 1 Comment

The Moment of Tooth

The Moment of Tooth

Have you ever wondered how much money an average Canadian child receives from the Tooth Fairy? According to a new Visa Canada survey released today, Canadian children under the age of 13 receive an average of $2.80 per tooth and 62% are left at least a loonie under their pillow, while only one per cent of children can expect less than a dollar under their pillow, 20 per cent of Canadian children can expect to find $5 or more for one tooth. This means that a Canadian child can expect an average of $56 for a full set of baby teeth. South of the border, the American Tooth Fairy leaves 24% more, around $3.69 CAD per tooth.

Notable regional findings include:

  • Children in the Atlantic provinces receive a generous average of $3.46 per tooth
  • The Tooth Fairy is the least likely to pay Quebec a visit – 13 per cent of children receive no money for their lost teeth and of those who do, $2.06 is the average amount left per tooth.
  • Children in Ontario will receive an average of $3.21 per tooth
  • Alberta has an average of $3.12 per tooth
  • British Columbian children receive an average of $2.47 per tooth.
  • In the Prairies, 55 percent of children can expect to receive between $1 and $5 per tooth from the Tooth Fairy with a provincial average of $2.43 per tooth.

To help the Tooth Fairy tally an appropriate gift in return for that special lost tooth, Visa Canada has launched a free Tooth Fairy calculator which uses survey and demographic data to advise how much money the Tooth Fairy is leaving in comparable households.

“Every child looks forward to receiving a visit from the Tooth Fairy and is especially excited to find a financial present under their pillow,” said Michelle Michalak, Visa Canada’s Head of Financial Literacy. “Our Tooth Fairy calculator enables parents to learn what the Tooth Fairy is leaving children in similar households, and following the Tooth Fairy’s visit, parents can also take the opportunity to teach children how to save and wisely spend their earnings.”

The Tooth Fairy calculator is part of Visa’s ongoing mandate to promote financial literacy in Canada. Practical Money Skills is a free financial literacy program that helps Canadians understand the fundamentals of money management. The program features free online tools including various budget calculators, games, and information. To learn more please visit: