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must haves for nursing moms

Must haves for the Nursing Mom

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If you are planning on breastfeeding, there are a few items that are essential to your success. You will need a nursing bra, nursing top, breast pump, nursing cover and lastly, patience. With these modern conveniences Breastfeeding is simpler and more stylish than ever.


Breastfeeding in Public

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You and your new baby decide to go on your first outing since he was born. You change him, dress him and nurse him before you leave the house. He falls asleep in his car seat on the way there. Perfect! He’s fed, changed and sleeping peacefully.You’re all set to shop and you’re sure you have at least an hour and a half to get your shopping done before he wakes up and is hungry again. A half hour into your shopping he wakes up and you know he’ll be hungry soon. What do you do?