Whether you are a first time mom with questions about feeding your baby or a seasoned veteran, read on to learn more about organic baby food and the benefits for your baby and the environment.

Head nutritionist for Sweetpea Baby Food, well-known author and mom, Dr. Joey Shulman has compiled the Top 10 Reasons to Feed Your Baby Organic.

Top 10 Reasons to Feed Your Baby Organic

1. Reduces your infant’s exposure to harmful herbicides and pesticides

2. Protects your child’s developing immune system

3. Improves the quality of your baby’s nutrition

4. Provides your baby with better tasting food

5. Helps protect your baby against the onset of future illness

6. Reduces the amount of harmful residue found in the meat your baby eats

7. Decreases soil erosion, thereby enhancing the nutrients in your baby’s food

8. Organic certification is strictly monitored to ensure your baby is receiving the highest standard of food

9. Protection of future waters through use of natural ingredients in the soil

10. Protects the environment for the next generation

Reprinted with permission from Sweetpea Baby Food  www.sweetpeababyfood.com