We got these tips from Polysporin a while back, and with the bugs biting like crazy at the moment, we dug them all out for you! Kids will want their ow-ies dealt with quickly in order to take advantage of summers long days willed with play.  I was stung by a wasp a while back, so these tips are great for moms too! Here’s how we prevent pesky summer stings.

Summer Sting Prevention Tips

  • Dress in light-coloured clothing. Insects tend to be attracted to dark or floral-pattern clothing. Light colours also make it easier to spot ticks and get rid of them before they burrow into the skin.
  • Cover up when you are going out, especially during dawn and dusk. Tuck in clothing so that your skin isn’t exposed and wear a hat.
  • Apply an insect repellent or use mosquito nets. Kids feel like royalty when sleeping with a net around them.
  • Be cautious if you’re leaving sweet beverages or food outside, as this can attract bees.
  • If you’ve had a serious allergic reaction to bites or stings, be sure to wear a medical alert bracelet and inform those around you about your allergy. Always have an epinephrine pen with you in case of emergency.

Have a great summer and good luck with potential bites!