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Inexpensive Maternity Clothes

Inexpensive Maternity Clothes

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Seeing as the entirety of pregnancy lasts about 9 months, the need for maternity clothes lasts at most the same length of time. Probably longer. D’oh. Why should you buy a whole new wardrobe to wear for a maximum of nine months, none of which will fit you after? The answer: You don’t have to! Maternity clothes are, for the most part, expensive and not very flattering. You do need to feel that you look as good as possible when you’re pregnant, though. No matter your sewing ability or willingness to search for inexpensive maternity clothes, you do have lots of options.


The Maxi Dress

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Q – Does a maxi-dress really hide my tummy?

A – Borrowing from celebrity style (Anegelina loved these), the maxi-dress is a long, flowing frock that can certainly be comfy during the later stages of prenancy.  Just be sure that the bodice is fitted so you don’t look like you’ve donned a mu-mu.  And careful of lenght – we don’t want you tripping on a hem!

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