I’m a certified scuba diver, have done a bit of free-diving and have had my fair share of aquarium visits. But apart from Belize, I’ve never seen the likes of snorkeling in Costa Rica. About an hour by boat from the Westin Playa Conchal, I dove off the catamaran only to encounter sea life I’ve only seen from afar.


Starfish Costa Rica 2



Jill and Octopus


And then I touched a few things… (AAAGH!!!) To be able to say that you’ve held and octopus and pried its’ suction grip off of your hand is a bucket-list kind of thing. And the puffer fish. And the moray eel who stared and stared.


Pufferfish Costa Rica


Very. Highly. Recommended. All photos were taken by Des Miller of Stress-Free Baby, who is a master with the underwater equipment!

I traveled to Playa Conchal in September for the ROAR Retreat, when the effervescence in the ocean was prevalent. In the darkness, moving the water back and forth with my arms made it sparkle with ten thousand lights. Lifting out of the water, our bodies glowed in the night. Pixies? Fairies? Magic? Next time I vist it will be with the entire family so I can share the wonders of snorkeling in Costa Rica with them!

Moray Eel Costa RicaStarfish Costa Rica Snorkling