It’s so new, not even the cabbies now where this new sleek beast is located.  Once we found it, I simply bailed from the cab and walked.  Yorkville used to be my ‘hood’ and I missed the vibe.  I must admit that I was a bit intimidated in entering the lobby.  Where to go?  What are these ‘men in black’ doing?  Wow how I needed a mommy break at the Four Seasons Toronto.  But who doesn’t, really?

Checking-in made me feel like Kate Middleton.  The MontBlanc signing blotters didn’t hurt.  And the gentleman who excused my cellphone call and had my key waiting was so lovely.  He would never utter the room number for safety reasons and escorted me to the elevator showing me the # and indicating that I would be on the Xth floor.  #GoodJob

When a girl is in need of some TLC, rooms such as these cause a mixture of heart palpatations and weepiness. The bathtub was round and large.  I ran the water immediately and imagined myself looking out the window from the water.  The nespresso was next (though it took a while to finish my degree in engineering and figure it out).  Free wireless.  (Thank you.)  And the softest sheets and pillows you could ever imagine.  Sleeping on a cloud?  This is it.

My only complaint was trying to figure out a way to enjoy the room enough for one night.  Sleep?  Bathe?  Chill?  Wired-in music?  TV in the bathroom mirror?  You know… Stay for more than one.  And though I didn’t have kids in tow this time around, there are very few chains who treat children as well.  We have a few ideas for things to do with kids in Toronto.  And we also know a few great nanny services.. in case you just want to experience the softness of the sheets in silence. ; )