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Sibarth Villa Rentals on St. Barth

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I’ve had the experience of traveling to the French leeward island of St. Barth, located 35 miles south of St. Martin in the Caribbean.  I’ve never been the same since.  The white sand on 22 beaches with shallow reefs coupled with the 2,500 acres of marine reserve make this a pretty special place.  For a family vacation, we’d advise looking into a villa.  At 2-4 bedrooms, sharing with extended family or a group of friends is a fabulous way to experience ‘les Anses’.

Sibarth represents the best villas on St. Barth and has created a collection of villas that are perfect for a family vacation. Despite its jetset reputation, St. Barth is a perfect family destination with calm beaches, casual beach-side restaurants, and water sports such as snorkeling and paddle boarding. But the jetset reputation also doesn’t hurt.  Nor do the Parisian influences.  Bon Voyage!


The Drake Hotel Toronto

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Not sure where to start.  I’m not really as cool as I like to think I am.  And the Drake is a bit out of my league on the funkiness scale.  With a photobooth in the lobby, a balloon chandelier, and 1970’s touches in the studio (‘crash pad’) rooms, this place was.. the bomb.  On a cool scale?  I felt 200%.  The bathroom is incorporated into the room, kind of at the end of your bed.  The staff have nose rings and tight plaid pants like the hip golfers in the PGA Tour.

In the neighbourhood of Queen West I found shopping like none other.  Mini Mioche, Green Shag (your kids art can be converted into cufflinks) and Vintage shops.  Personalized cufflinks, bespoke men’s suits, organic t-shirts and  vintage dresses.  What more could a girl want?  (Oh – and Designer Discount Fabrics a block away).

The room reminded me of my dorm at Queen’s University, but with a minibar and a ton of kitch.  Back at my alma mater, I was more Laura Ashley and Ralph Lauren than funk.  And now I had good wine, great linens, a space-age coffeemaker and spiritual sculpture gardens outside the windows in the hall.

The General Store downstairs offered lots of mementos and the bar are was on-trend.  My Toronto colleagues made the trek to meet me there and we had a great feed of nachos and wine.  I was able to zip downtown on the streetcar in less than 15 minutes.

I just wish I were there during the Toronto International Film Festival – TIFF.  Because if I were uber cool, this is where I’d hang.


Summer-Fresh Blueberry Dessert for Babies

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With summer here and berries in abundance, your little one can enjoy the sweet berries of the summer season with this simple recipe. Blueberries are one of the most suitable berries for babies as they don’t need sweetening. They are high in vitamin C and contain a natural enzyme that allows them to keep for a long time in the fridge.