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The Tiny Light Foundation

charity, FAM By February 14, 2011 Tags: , , , , , , , 2 Comments

The Tiny Light Foundation pairs photographers with families of children faced with life altering diagnoses, and gives them the opportunity to capture their joy, strength and courage in photos. These photo sessions may otherwise be out of mind for families faced with expensive medical costs or overwhelming obstacles above the call of an average parent.


The Art of Photographing Children

LIVE, play By October 21, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

If you’ve ever tried to capture that perfect moment with a baby, you know it’s not easy (thank goodness for one thousand pics on a digital camera).  Maybe we’ve all just been trying too hard.. play may be the answer to brilliance (where have we heard that before?).  I never thought that my son’s true personality could possibly be portrayed through an image… until I saw the results from our amazing photo shoot with Lucy Lime Studios. His funny looks, unique expressions and his sweet innocence were wonderfully captured by Shannon Stevenson.