Babies just love aromatherapy.  Imagine hearing the soft gentle sounds of a baby becoming calm again while lavender essential oil wafts through the air, or the feeling of a baby that just comes out of the bath all relaxed and ready to get into their pj’s to snuggle down for a sleep with the aroma of sweet orange and chamomile on their skin. Aromatherapy is a loving and wonderful way to introduce your children to the wonders of alternative health care and smells.

Aromatherapy and your children

Essential oils are composed of tiny little molecules that based on their composition tell us how they act on the body and mind. There is practically an aromatherapy recipe for any physical or emotional state. Below are a variety of ways to use the oils, as well as some simple everyday recipes and ideas on how to use the oils for your babies and children.

Some of the more common ways for using essential oils are;

  • Baths – add 1-3 drops of oil into the bath for children.  Add the oils after you have filled the tub to the desired amount and make sure you swish the oils and water together first before baby gets in.
  • Massage – add 1-3 drops of essential oil to 2 ounces of carrier or massage oil/cream.
  • Spritzer – add a total of 6-10 drops of essential oil to a 4 ounce bottle of water.
  • Vaporizer – add 4 drops of essential oil to most vaporizers or use a scent ball in the child’s room with the same amount of drops.
  • Diffuser – add 3-5 drops of essential oil into the diffuser for the size of an average child’s room.
  • Inhalation – for older children, (usually around 5 years) have them put their head over top of a bowl filled with hot water and 1-3 drops of essential oils to breath in the oils directly.  If you can get them to hold a towel over their heads that is even better, add the oils after you have added the water and have them to breathe in as soon as possible for best results.

Fun Aromatherapy Activities with children

  • To reduce hyper times and increase relaxation, create a spritzer with 5 drops of lavender, 4 drops of orange, and 3 drops of chamomile. Gently spray the oils over the top of your child’s head before naps or nighttime sleeps, or spray the room or car where you are spending most of your time.
  • For children over 1 year to help them sleep, you can add one drop of essential oil to their pillow or favorite stuffy that they go to bed with. Note this may stain your pillow case. A nice chamomile bath, 1 drop up to 2 years old, 2 drops up to 4 years old and 3 drops up to 8 years old will help baby sleep well.
  • If your child is getting a cold you can create a cold chest rub by adding 3 drops of eucalyptus, 2 drops of tea tree oil and one drop of lemon into 2 ounces of carrier oil or natural cream.  Massage the cream into their whole body, or for a quicker application, apply the rub on their chest, lower back and to the bottom of their feet.  Put their socks on to keep let the rub absorb into their feet.
  • When your child is around anyone with a virus or starts to shows signs of flu put thyme oil on the bottom of their feet. Add 1 drop for babies up to 2 years, 2 drops from 2-4 and after that 3 drops up till 8 years old.  Put the drops of thyme oil into a 2 ounce bottle of carrier oil or natural cream and apply strictly to the bottom of their feet and to wipe your hands off you can rub it along the lower part of your child’s back.

Young children are still building their immune system and we can help them by using essential oils in their everyday life.  Not only will essential oils help with your children’s immune systems but they can help with just their overall disposition, helping to keep them healthy, balanced, calm and relaxed through their growing and learning years.

Deborah Drummond Baker has been using and sharing the benefits of aromatherapy with her family and two children for over 15 years. She has extensive experience and certification in the alternative health field and has helped many mothers and fathers to use the essential oils in many ways with their children.Her first aroma baby is almost 14 years old and can attest to the wonders that aromatherapy has had for her. Deborah’s 3 year old is following in his big sisters footsteps of being taught the natural way to play with and benefit from the oils.