This may sound easy and intuitive to some and overwhelming and foreign to others, but regardless, we all want to feel our best. So if you already practice these, make these 10 Simple ways To Nourish Your Body a mainstay in your everyday. If you are new to these, then start incorporating them one at a time into your day. I promise your body will reap the benefits. It’s the small but daily decisions in your life that lead to the biggest transformations.

Here’s my top 10 hit list on how to Nourish Your Body.

1) Drink warm lemon water upon rising. 

This quick flush and detox alkalizes your body and sets your digestion up for the rest of the day.

2) Eat more greens

Incorporate greens into every meal. Salads, green juices, stews, pastas, eggs, soups. Throw in the kale, chard, spinach, arugula, watercress. The greener the better. Just eat more.

3) An avocado a day keeps the doctor away

Avocados are my god. They are loaded in vitamins, minerals and fiber and contain the healthy fats our bodies thrive on. This is the fat we so need. This is the fat that speeds up our metabolism; the fat that lowers the bad cholesterol; the fat that keeps us satiated so we don’t cave at 4 pm and eat whatever is in front of us.

4) Make dinner your lightest meal (An Avocado Will do)

This allows the body to actually refresh, rejuvenate and repair during sleep. Most the time we wake up tired because our body didn’t rest, digestion takes up so much energy. Try at first eating half of what you normally do. Never eat until you are full. You have eaten to much.

5) Exercise

Move your body. Movement heals everything. If you are tired, it invigorates; if you are upset, cranky, endorphins help you overcome that mood; if you are confused, it helps gain clarity.

Do yoga, run, bike, take a class, whatever it is, it will heal.

6) Body Brush.

Everyday before jumping in the shower or upon rising, dry brush your body in swift  circular motions. This flushes toxins, gets lymphs moving and is a great skin smoother.

7) Cook

When you cook your own food, you know exactly what’s in your food. You have the control of how sweet/salty it is. Once you get in the habit of cooking, you won’t go back to eating out every meal. Pack lunches; have breakfast at home. Make restaurants the occasion.

8) Notice Habits

Become aware of the little things you do everyday. Are they helping you? Are the just habitual? If they are, then break the habit and see how liberating it is.

9) Omega 3’s

Get more Omega 3’s into your diet. Their anti inflammatory properties help you now and prevent future degeneration issues. Eat salmon, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, oil supplements.

10) Take Pleasure, be Passionate 

Do what you love. If you don’t know, make it a priority to discover your inner smile. Ignite and feel your spirit in your every step.


Alyssa Bauman is a holistic nutritionist, health consultant, speaker and writer who is on the crusade to empower healthy eating. The more you eat well, the more you want to eat well. 

Foods Alyssa can’t live with out: Coconut Oil, Raw Cacao, Her Green Go-Go Juice, Avocado and lemons.

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