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I call this recipe ‘secret’ because it is just so good. It’s my ‘secret weapon’ when I forget I’ve invited people for dinner and haven’t had time to cook anything spectacular, so I pull this from the freezer and douse a bit more wine on top as it bubbles away in a favourite Le Creuset casserole.

La Pierre Des CanesFood inspires so many memories for me – this was a staple as I was a little girl, and then growing older in Toronto and on subsequent trips to France I couldn’t stop ordering it. No dish (not even mine) was as spectacular as in a ‘ferme auberge‘ in the Morvan forest. This type of accomodation is like a bed and breakfast, but on a working farm. A certain percentage of the food and wine grapes must come from the near vicinity – so nowhere else in the world will you taste such a spectacular terroir. Lise, the proprietor of the Ferme Auberge ‘La Pierre Des Canes‘ in Villurbain (maybe the naming inspiration for ‘UrbanMommies’!) was the most athletic woman I had ever met – and also the best chef. You saw her wrestling goats and chickens in the morning, and then whisking no less than 6 courses to your table for dinner – after she made cheese in the kitchen.

Though it doesn’t top hers, hopefully when I serve this to you in the future you won’t have read this!!!