We’ve all been there.  Our intentions were amazing, we remembered the ice packs, lotion and pail.  And then the snacks got ‘invaded’ by sand. Or the sandwiches got soggy.  Yuck.  Here are a few of our sand and sog-proof healthy snack ideas to help keep the kids happy and full while they enjoy the beach.  We like things that don’t require a plate and cutlery – ‘hand snacks’. Here are our top Sandproof Healthy Snack Ideas for the Beach.

1.  Hummus with carrot sticks, pita chips
2.  Peanut butter and celery (or apples)
3.  Make your own trail mix: our favorites include almonds, raisins, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, Goldfish crackers, dry cereal
4.  Veggie & fruit kabobs-skewer some cucumber, broccoli with strawberries, peach slices, etc.
5.  Our homemade granola bars
6.  Yogurt tubes
7.  Frozen grapes – a great way to ward off dehydration
8.  Popcorn
9.  Burritos: stuff your favorite tortillas with beans (canned or homemade) add some salsa, cheese, and maybe some scrambled eggs
10.  Cheese cubes
11.  Dried edamame
12.  Hard boiled eggs
13.  Homemade muffins
14.  Hot Corn on the Cob: Cut off one end (husks still on) and microwave for 4 minutes on high.  Wrap in tinfoil.15.  Quinoa Turkey Meatballs
16.  Pre-cut carrot sticks
17.  Frozen jumbo shrimp and a bottle of seafood cocktail for dipping
18.  Frozen bottles of water to keep everything cold – drink as they thaw
19.  Mini-bagel sandwiches so they don’t get soggy
20.  Pretzels!