Q – I am experiencing mood swings during pregnancy, how do I stabilize my moods?

A – Mood swings during pregnancy are experienced by many women.  There are several reasons why this occurs.  The level of your hormones is changing, especially during the first and third trimester.  This affects the production of various neurotransmitters in your brain that play a role in controlling how you feel.  Typically women experience a whole range of feelings that stem from the change that is about to occur in their lives with a birth of a baby.

One of the best ways to stabilize mood is through regular physical exercise. Going for a walk or joining a prenatal yoga class helps you to relax and also boosts neurotransmitter production.  Making sure you have plenty of rest is another important factor.  Sometimes 8 hours of sleep is not enough.  Take a nap during the day if you feel fatigued.  Eating a balanced whole foods diet also helps to prevent fatigue and mood swings.  Always carry a healthy snack with you, such as raw nuts, a piece of fruit or a protein bar.  There are also mood stabilizing supplements that can be prescribed but they should only be implemented under the supervision of a qualified health professional.  Finally, if the above strategies are not helping you, and your mood swings become more frequent or more intense, seek further advice from your health care provider.

Dr. Agnieszka Matusik is a Naturopathic Physician practicing family medicine at Mountainview Wellness Centre in South Surrey/White Rock.