Finding great evening maternity  wear during pregnancy used to be a challenge. Thanks to the latest trends in fashion, pregnant women everywhere no longer have to fear resembling a giant Easter egg at holiday gatherings. UrbanMommies has a few suggestions on how to dress your baby bump for an evening on the town.

How to Pick Colours While Pregnant

Pick colour based on not only what is seen on Paris runways, but on what looks great with your skin tone. Remember that horizontal stripes are probably not the best choice, and decide if you want a form-fitting or tailored gown. Pallazo pants and great heels can also make you feel like a million.Choose a colour that compliments your skin tone and brings out your mommy-to-be glow.

Elegance doesn’t have to be limited to the maternity aisles. A maxi dress made of soft silk is a great choice, and can be used after the bump is gone as well. Empire waistlines are also fabulous depending on your stage.

Accessories During Pregnancy

Urbanmommies suggests spending time and money on accessories because they will stay with you longer than 9 months. If you have multiple events to attend this season considering buying a basic black dress that can be transformed with a gold necklace or colourful pashminas.

When choosing a dress, steer clear of constricting materials. Susan recommends that you look for fabrics that are soft and drape well, for example a stretch satin will move with your body and is still comfortable to dance the night away. Try wearing SPANXS for maternity for extra support for your legs and under your belly.

Shoes to Wear During Pregnancy

If your back can handle it or you can still keep your balance start your night with a kitten heel or a wedge. But if you want to keep you ankles from swelling into cankles then stick with an elegant flat. Luckily ballerina flats are easy to come by accented with jewels or metallic finishes.

Fit and Draping During Pregnancy

Fit is key to flattering your belly. A fitted bodice with a lovely neckline is a great look for the evening. If you are tummy shy, look for empire waists that allows the fabric to drape softly over your curves. Depending on the formality of the event you could even wear dress pants paired with a dressy maternity top. Accent areas of your body that you feel confident showing off. If you love your cleavage, then wear a v-neck. If you don’t feel confident blind them with a sequined clutch.

Makeup and Pregnancy

Lastly, attend your holiday parties with confidence. Start with a relaxing bath, a layer of moisturizer and our tips for a 5 min face. You will feel so good after spending some time pampering yourself that your partners co-workers won’t even suspect how bad your morning sickness has been.

What are you tips on feeling confident at holiday parties?

-Stephanie Raposo once resembled a Easter egg at a summer wedding and loved every moment of it.