We had a ‘family movie night’ today. It’s really an excuse to eat while watching a film, snuggle together on the sofa and glance at each other over jokes and sad bits. Some of the closest moments I have exchanged with the kids were during these fun nights, and as we flicked through the offerings today – Disney Planes on Netflix was a unanimous YES!!

Planes centres on Dusty the crop duster, who dreams of flying in a race around the world. But in order to qualify, he has to overcome his fear of heights.

A true family movie, we watched with our two boys and they gave me lots of excited tidbits to share about the film as I shook off the lessons, triumphs and emotions stirred up by this wonderful film.

Son 1:

“It showed a true sense of worldwide camaraderie in that so many nations band together to help the plane in need. And if someone helps another person, you should try and help them back.”

Son 2:

“There were older influences like grandparents and mentors, just like Doc Hudson in Cars being a true influence but also realizing he has lessons to learn himself. Skipper was a teacher and friend who served the US Air Force and even he realizes that telling the truth and overcoming fears is important in the end.”

When you can watch a film with your kids and have them learn how to not only critique but also to absorb life lesson, you know that it is a success. Sometimes as parents we feel pressure to ‘teach’, ‘do’ and ‘nurture’ our kids endlessly. But sometimes it’s awfully nice to sit back and have Disney experts teach our kids and help the whole family bond through entertainment. That’s the way Walt Disney envisioned it, and I must thank Netflix for bring these lessons into our family room!