Cloth DiapersWhen I was pregnant with my first child I was intrigued by the idea of cloth diapering.  It seemed like the right thing to do: better for the environment, better for my child’s skin and reproductive health.  But there was so much information, so many choices… I was overwhelmed and intimidated.  Not knowing where to begin, I went the simple route and chose to use a local cloth diaper service for the first 18 months of my son’s life.  The flat cotton diapers the service provided were adequate and my husband and I felt like we were at least doing our part to keep some disposables out of the land-fill.  But we never really got passionate about cloth diapering; we never caught the cloth diapering bug.  Our cloth diapering experience with our second son was even shorter lived then with our first, we gave up using the service after a year.

Now, with my third and last babe, I have decided to join in with those proud cloth diapering mommas, earn my environmentally conscious mommy badge and really cloth diaper. That means buying into a whole system that involves liners, and pockets and folds and snaps and covers. Truly, an engineering marvel. Predictably, I could go on and on about the immense cloth diaper culture that is out there. There are women who create and sew intricate and stunning diapers with embroidery and hand dyed fabric for other women’s babies to poop in. Cyber cat-fights break out at various on-line malls as intelligent, caring, and normally sane women virtually elbow each other to the front of the check out line to get the cloth diaper they’ve deemed to be good enough for their sweet babe’s little bum. Of course, the vast majority of cloth diaper users are simply people who prefer to use a more environmentally friendly means of keeping pee and poop off the furniture.

The flat cotton cloth diapers of my infanthood are still popularly used, but the real passion lies with the cloth diapers that are shaped, fitted, and are surprisingly attractive.  Think of advanced cloth diapers as being divided into 3 groups: the fitted diapers, the pocket diapers, and the all-in-ones. MORE

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