Many people say that the diapers you begin with are the diapers you will use until toilet training.  We would have to concur.  Our hospital made us use cloth from day one (it’s easier to see signs of urination and make sure baby is getting enough to eat).  We could have done without the diaper pins (ouch!!), but now that we have cloth diapers with snaps and velcro, we feel pretty confident.  How many people do you know bought cloth and then returned them after using disposables at the hospital? Here is a Cloth and Disposable Diaper Cost Comparison sheet.All we can say, is – discuss the options carefully, and make a commitment to your decision.  For both health and financial reasons, you will want to weigh the choices.

Many people can’t imaging washing diapers, but there are services available.  Speaking from personal experience, we’ve been washing diapers for 4 years straight and it doesn’t really phase us.  We use a dry pail, throw liners and waste in the toilet, and then put the whole works in the washer with detergent and borax or Oxyclean.  In the summer it is terribly satisfying to see a clothesline full of clean diapers, and in winter the dryer makes them soft and fluffy.  Our grandmothers didn’t have the option and they never complained.. (expect when speaking of that walk to school in the snow – uphill both ways..).  Before you make your choice, check out our Cost Comparison: Disposables, Hybrids, Diaper Services & Cloth Diapers.

Disposables (based on mid-range priced brand name diaper) + Accessories

0-3 months        12 changes per day + wipes + diaper Genie/refills:    $479
3-6 months         8 changes per day + wipes + diaper Genie/refills:     $320
6-30 months      6 changes per day + wipes + diaper Genie/refills:     $1930
30-36 months    4 trainers + 2 diapers per day + wipes + diaper Genie/refills:   $562
TOTAL of 7200 diaper changes for 3 years:                                               $3291

Hybrid Flushable/Compostable
Diapers for 0-36 months (No Accessories): Covers, Waterproof Liners & Flushable/Compostable Pads:     $3069

Diaper Delivery Service – Two Services available in Vancouver
1.  0-36 months of weekly diaper delivery service + Wipes + Covers + Diaper Pail:  $3557
Mixture of Prefold and Contour Diapers & disposable wipes
Purchase your own covers & diaper pail

2. 0-36 months  of weekly diaper delivery service + Wipes + Covers  + Diaper Pail:   $4128
Fitted Diapers & disposable wipes
Purchase your own covers & diaper pail
Service charges to 30 months, then free if not potty trained

Cloth Diapers + Accessories (Pail Liner + Tote Bag + 36 reusable baby wipes) for 0-36 months

48 Organic Cotton Prefolds + 8 Covers + 4 Snappis + Accessories:     $415
30 bumGenius One Size Pocket Diapers + Accessories:      $825
48 Kissaluv Cotton Fitted Diapers (24 sm, 24 med)+ 8 Covers + Accessories:   $910
40 Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diapers (24 sm, 16 med) + Accessories:     $1010


Home Laundering (based on 15 loads/month, including washer + dryer + detergent) = $533.88 (61% of cost is dryer use)

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