Your babies are crying. Well, what’s the matter? Maybe your babies are too young to know the baby sign for hurt, so this is when you have to put on your deerstalker and figure out how to get them to stop. Like any good detective, you need a strategy.

Maybe they need burping?

Are they hungry? See feeding twins

Are they gassy? This may be the result of something you ate that isn’t agreeing with their immature digestive systems. Hold a knee to their tummies to help release gas. Did you know that your nursing style may be promoting gas in your babe? Try positioning them to sit on your lap, facing your breast and / or make sure they are getting a good latch.

Do they need a diaper change?

Are they tired? Try getting on a sleeping routine complete with naps and a strict bedtime

Are they overtired? Check their routine.

Do they have a pain?

Are their clothes too tight? Well, this is an easy one – try putting them in looser clothes and shoes that don’t pinch

Are they teething?

Are they too hot / too cold? Adjust their clothes or bedding accordingly…….. we are waiting for the new Grobag egg (rated Australia’s Nursery Product of 2006!) for release in the North American market

Are they constipated?

Are they troubled with a new food that you have introduced? By only introducing new foods every three to five days, it should be easy to pinpoint what food your baby is having trouble with;

Are they sick? They may be if you have exhausted the rest of this list, perhaps they have thrush or a cold

If you have serious concerns, throw on your cape as well and head off to the doctor’s office for their advice!