We may have mommy-brain about almost everything else, but the one thing we all know is how we like our coffee.

My personal go-to has been a K-cup of an insanely dark roast cut with half and half. There is something to be said for fast, easy, eye-opening caffeine consumption that even my kid can make. (Yes, I’ve taught my oldest how to set the coffee maker and how many splashes of cream to add for it to get to just the color mommy likes.) That convenience comes at a high cost however, with a large amount of waste I’ve never felt great about.

So I’ve started leaning in to high quality, fresh ground, french pressed coffee. Truth be told I’ve been slightly obsessed with trying different varieties in search of the perfect cup. When Caveman Coffee Co offered to send me a sample of any of their single origin, small batch coffee beans for home brewing, obviously I jumped at the chance. Or I may have bounced up and down like a hyper 3 year old, because I LOVE coffee.

Looking over their website got me even more excited, as I realized this was my opportunity to test drive blended butter coffee*. With that purpose in mind, I found the fabulousness that is White Gold, a variety the good folks at Caveman Coffee Co developed specifically for blending with high quality fats.

Remember how I said I favor a dark roast? Well, White Gold is the exact opposite. The beans have been minimally roasted. So minimally that the resulting coffee is almost creamy, with a nutty/woodsy flavor. At first I was sad to discover it is not a friend to my usual half and half.

Then I realized this coffee wasn’t born to be fast and easy. This coffee was born to be ground just as the water is boiling. Brewed in a process that allows the coffee time to steep, and then to be blended with the body-fueling fats like grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. When prepared this way, it is simply the best coffee I’ve ever had.

I’ve been putting this coffee through rigorous testing. Blending it with combinations of butter, the Cave Man Emulsified MCT Vanilla Bean “creamer” which is sweetened with stevia, cocoa powder blends to make mochas, and even as the liquid in both vanilla and chocolate protein smoothies. It’s been delightful.

According to their website, this White Gold coffee “also has the added benefit of chlorogenic acid, characteristic of green coffee, which includes anti-inflammatory properties as well as promoting fat loss by regulating the glucose levels in your system.” I haven’t been drinking it long enough to comment on all that, but I will confirm the claim on the package that consumption may lead to euphoria.

And yes, that IS the White Gold coffee talking.

*If you haven’t heard about this phenomena, lately LOTS of people are taking their coffee from being merely a caffeine delivery system, and boosting it to a nutritional powerhouse by blending it with grass-fed butter, cocoa butter, and/or MCT oil (coconut oil). I’m not a science-mom, but the basic idea is that these good fats are better for your metabolism, overall health, and help prevent caffeine crash. In other words, they make your coffee work better, so you don’t need to consume as much coffee and still get all the energy.

Disclosure: Caveman Coffee Co. supplied me with product for review, but all opinions expressed are my own. Neither I, nor anyone from Urban Mommies, was compensated for this review.