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Weird But True! A Charlie Engleman Interview

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Have you been keeping up with the new shows? Hopefully, you haven’t missed Weird But True! from National Geographic Kids on FOX broadcast stations on Saturday mornings and as an hour-long radio show on SiriusXM radio on Friday evenings. The Weird But True TV show debuted on Saturday, September 10, and hosts Charlie and Kirby Engelman continue to delight. These siblings and science-lovers explore the fun, strange and surprising ways our world works in Weird But True. From exploring shipwrecks to discovering how our senses work, no topic is off-limits for the curious duo.


A Family Battling Lyme Disease

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Imagine never feeling well and having doctors diagnose you with a different illness each time you sought help. Imagine health providers blaming your mental state for a disease that you would later discover had been the cause of your suffering all along. And then imagine realizing that your infection had been passed to your kids, and this particular disease is so not funded in Canada, making accurate diagnosis and treatment extremely limited. Such was the case with Tanis Michelsen, who has since become an advocate for the recognition and treatment of lyme disease. 

Jill Biden National Geographic

An Interview With Jill Biden

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As part of the National Geographic Kids’ Insiders program, I had the opportunity to hop on a call with none other than the Second Lady of the United States Dr. Jill Biden. We did a Q&A with Dr. Biden about My Shot, her enthusiasm for kids education, her love of teaching, her support of the National Geographic Bee (she hosted a celebration of the Bee finalists at the VP residence in May 2015), and how she balances motherhood, education and her responsibilities to the Government of the United States.

Barbie Evolved - Podcast with Erica Ehm

Podcast: Erica Ehm from YummyMummyClub on Barbie

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We’re thrilled today to be speaking with Erica Ehm from the YummyMummyClub about an exciting new and relatively historic event that has taken place which she has had a hand in developing. Mattel has been making the Barbie Doll, essentially unchanged, for years. Even through the era of men’s magazine and feminism, not much changed for that classic American icon, Barbie. But today, there’s been an announcement.