Looking through Canadian Tire’s new WOW Guide I wanted to jump out of bed and start beautifying my home and space. I had no idea Canadian Tire had stylish rainboots, colour co-ordinated garden tools or cushions that would make top stylists get palpitations. There are two full pages devoted to water guns alone – along with a multi balloon that has me craving a water fight. (evil laugh). The backyard slides, pools and fun toys made me want to grow better grass.

Canadian Tire WOW Guide

Each section features curated collections from designers, chefs and automotive experts, and it’s a completely new shopping experience, as there is a very cool digital component that allows you to download a free app to your phone, hover over every product in the guide and discover more Canadian Tire exclusives including how-to guides, recipes, videos, safety tips and sale items. It’s like a lifestyle magazine and beautifully designed catalogue in one! (They may put UrbanMommies out of business!!) And even your 4 year old can instantly navigate the app.

I became so excited about the new guide that I had to, well, put together one of our famous UrbanMommies gift guides that include all of #MyWOWPicks.

My Picks:

1. Pelican Sonic 80X Sit-On Kayak, 8-ft $319.99: Because I live on an Island and summers swimming off the dock and being athletic and at one with nature are critical values that I want to instil in my kids.

2. CANVAS Oslo Outdoor Chandelier 89.99: The WOW Guide had me at all of the outdoor kitchen items – until I saw the outdoor chandeliers! Can you imagine a more perfect summer dinner space?

3. Lift-O-Matic Umbrella Dryer (Exclusive and on sale!) $127.99: As a self-proclaimed laundry diva, I like my whites VERY white. Unfortunately I have no space for a clothesline, so this is perfect.

4. Garrison 2BC Chrome Fire Extinguisher $31.99: For cooking. This one isn’t very sexy, but with the amount I cook, and as I teach the boys to be safe on their own in the home, I need to be responsible.
5. CANVAS Belize Patio Toss Cushion $14.99: Cuddling up on these cushions I will feel as if I’m in a tropical locale and guests will think I have a wicked sense of style.

6. Coleman Lawn Darts $60.99: What’s a summer BBQ without games? We have the bocce and croquet sets from Canadian Tire already, so this will add to the collection nicely. Let the games begin!

7. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race $599.99: The only think better than hosting a bouncy castle birthday is having one in your backyard. With water. That you can use ALL THE TIME.

8. Outbound Water Shoe, Turquoise/Purple, $10.99: I will swim off just about any shore – unless there are rocks. Or seaweed. Or sea urchins. These are a good call for me.

9. Woods Double-High Comfort Cell Air Mattress With Pump $119.99: Now that’s glamping!

10. Cuisinart Outdoor Oven $1499.99: Can you imagine baking you own focaccia outside to serve with your cheese stuffed burgers!!

11. Lagostina Euro-Clad Copper Cookware Set, 12-pc On sale for $499.99 I don’t actually NEED this. But it’s 75% off an stunningly beautiful. Maybe for my new outdoor kitchen?

12. MAXIMUM 20V Max Li-Ion 1/2-in Cordless Drill/Driver $199.99: Because it’s cordless, and has torque. I love saying that. You can drill or screw into lots of different surfaces (plus I will need something to help me hang the outdoor chandelier). And it’s exclusive to Canadian Tire.

WOW Guide Digital View

When you get the catalogue, which will be landing on the doorsteps of millions of Canadians on April 15th, all you have to do is download the free Canadian Tire app from your app store, hover your phone over every product and digital extra that appear on all pages and discover more of what you love from Canadian Tire. And we thought there would never be anything more loveable than Canadian Tire money!!

Disclosure: This article is generously sponsored by Canadian Tire in celebration of the launch of their WOW Guide. All choices, opinions and shopping addictions are my own.