As a first time expectant mother, one of the first feelings I experienced after learning I was carrying twins was a twinge of disappointment that the scene I had been imagining in my head – myself in a darkened room lovingly rocking and nursing my baby – was not to be.  At that point I knew very little about breastfeeding – only that it was beneficial to babies and was therefore something I wanted to do.  I knew even less about breastfeeding twins.  In fact, I assumed that breastfeeding two babies wasn’t really even a possibility.

Luckily (or unluckily), my pregnancy culminated in three months of bedrest so I had plenty of time to do my research.  During this time, I learned that there are numerous resources available and in a lot of cases, breastfeeding twins IS possible.  Of course, breastfeeding twins can come with all the challenges that might be faced when breastfeeding a single child, as well as some additional challenges unique to twins.