BMODayOffNot sure about you, but as a small business owner, I get very few days off (and as a Mom, asking for help has been a lesson I haven’t quite mastered!). It’s strange that despite how hard I work in business, I tend to freeze up when my bank telephones. Am I overdrawn? What is wrong? Apparently I must be banking in the wrong place because when I watched this video I started tearing up and started craving a Montreal smoked meat sandwich!

Sheila BMO ArashA herd of caring Bank of Montreal bankers – branch managers, tellers and assistants – proved that they are truly there to help a hard-working client. Sheila, the Assistant Branch Manager, knew that Arash hadn’t had a day off from his deli since he started the business, and genuinely connected with his kindness and diligence. Sheila and her BMO team surprised Arash at his deli and send him to a local hotel for some coveted rest and relaxation while the bankers staffed the popular lunch spot.

Arash gets a day offI melted and tingled when I saw the video. The internet definitely needs more of this! His real tears and appreciation were contagious, and not only was he shocked, but the BMO staff were authentically thrilled to be there helping him out.

Serving over 400 sandwiches also created the best single day Arash had ever had in his business. Sometimes accepting a bit of help and taking some time away is a very good thing. (PS. Moms are you listening?)

To ensure that the help that BMO provided lasted beyond just one day, the bank also provided Arash with a small business banker to support him with business planning and solutions, as well as shock-absorbent mats to outfit his workplace.

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Disclosure: This post was proudly sponsored by BMO. As always, the opinions shared here are mine, all mine. And pay if forward stories like this? I’m always happy to share.