If you’re like us, you are super-attentive to the little ones, but when it comes to writing stuff down in the baby book?  But wait!  There are chicken pot pies to make, and socks to launder! You might even be trying to catch up on your baby book with extra time on your hands during this pandemic. Your child’s smile is something that can be so great to document and it’s easy to do with a baby and toddler teething chart.

Documenting Your Child’s Smile

Your child’s smile brightens your day. It’s full of firsts. First tooth. First smile. First bite. Ouch! Who can forget first bite? A Baby and Toddler Teething Chart is a great way to document those firsts and to communicate with your dentist around your child’s dental development. Also, it’s just fun. It makes a great addition to a baby book. It’s neat to look back on and look at how your kids differed in their growth and development.

A Baby And Toddler Teething Chart For You To Use

We were looking around for a baby and toddler teething chart to recommend for you to use and decided to come up with one of our own instead. Here’s a complimentary Baby and Toddler Teething Chart, just in case you want something to stick in the baby book or take to your dentist to discuss your child’s beautiful smile. We took care to design it beautifully and with an eye for accuracy.

If your baby book isn’t as complete as you would like, you’re not alone, especially if it’s not your first baby. It can be hard to keep up with when you are juggling all the things. Hopefully this handy and beautiful chart will give you the motivation you need to get going on this important project again.

The Baby and Toddler Teething Chart You Need