Most of us can agree that leading a healthy, fulfilled life is all about balance. We strive to eat nourishing, delicious food, find a form of exercise we enjoy, broaden our horizons through lifelong learning and surround ourselves with people we love and trust.

These fundamental building blocks to health and happiness are universally applicable – male, female, young or old; diet, exercise, education and socialization are essential for physical and emotional growth.

What many people don’t realize is that these basic principles apply to our cats too. Although they are independent creatures, they need assistance from their humans to ensure that they get the food, veterinary care, exercise and (most importantly!) love they need to not only survive but thrive. 

PC Nutrition First Cat FoodNow that fall has arrived and you’re getting back into your routine, take some time to think about your kitty and her day-to-day needs. To help you on your journey, the President’s Choice® Nutrition First® team has put together some great tips for “purr-fecting” pet health.

ButtonsEnjoy First-Class Fuel

The number one contributor to a healthy lifestyle for animals and humans is diet. Like you, your cat should eat nutritious ingredients from all the essential food groups. Brands like President’s Choice® Nutrition First® make it easy for your pet to enjoy the same nutrient-rich foods you do, from quality proteins that help build strong muscles to probiotics and prebiotics that can help ease digestion and Omega 3 and 6 for skin and coat health.

Plan for Play

It’s true that cats often entertain themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t benefit from play sessions with their humans too. Giving your kitty toys and scratching posts will provide her with the stimulation she needs to learn and grow – and it might keep her away from your furniture too.

Educate Early

Just because cats like to do things their own way, doesn’t mean you can’t provide them with some basic training. As long as you’re gentle (and persistent!), cats are generally receptive to house rules. Education goes both ways, though, and as a pet parent, it’s important for you to take the time to understand your cat’s particular needs. For instance, if your fur baby is an indoor kitty, she won’t have the same dietary requirements as her outdoor pals, so giving her food like President’s Choice® Nutrition First® Weight & Hairball Control Chicken & Brown Rice will help promote healthy weight and control hairball removal.  

Get Grooming

To keep cat coats healthy and your furniture hair-free, make sure you brush your pet regularly. Cats also need their claws clipped regularly to stop them from growing into their paws. Not only is grooming a great way to keep an eye out for lumps, injuries and fleas, it’s an opportunity to bond with your fur baby and show her a little love. 

Disclosure: This article was made possible by President’s Choice Nutrition First. All opinions are our own.