Every woman is beautiful in her own way, and age is nothing but a number. However, it’s also true that there are things we can do to make ourselves look younger, more polished, and more put-together—and those things don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It’s pretty simple to look fantastic, whatever your age, by taking heed of these ten simple tricks for looking great no matter what your age.

White teeth. It’s a proven fact: yellow teeth look gross, and they make you look older. By having a nice set of pearly whites, you improve your entire appearance, not to mention that poor oral health can contribute to other health conditions. If your problem is stained teeth, there are things you can do.

  • Avoid coffee, tea, sodas, and red wine, all of which can stain teeth.
  • Use a toothpaste designed to whiten and brighten your smile, as well as flossing and mouthwash.
  • See a dentist regularly for tooth cleaning and checkups.
  • Use a whitening treatment, whether it’s at home or in the dentist or cosmetic surgeon’s office.

Check your cuffs. This may sound a bit odd, but it’s true: when you see someone with “highwater” or too-long pants or too-short or too-long shirt cuffs, you automatically downgrade their fashion sense. Shirt and jacket cuffs should extend slightly below the wrist bond, and your pants legs should break just atop your foot. Your appearance will be more polished.

Clean, shiny shoes. Unless you’re wearing fuzzy slippers, Ugg boots, or shoes made of suede or other textured materials, you should keep them shiny and clean. Nothing ruins a look faster than dirty, scuffed shoes.

Makeup that stays where it belongs. How embarrassing is it, to be dressed and coiffed to the nines…only to discover that your mascara is smudged or your lipstick smeared. After a photo was taken, naturally. You can’t avoid every incident of makeup mishaps, but you can make it easier for your makeup to stay put. Use a primer or foundation for your eye makeup, use waterproof mascara when possible, outline your lips with liner prior to using lipstick (but don’t make it a garishly obvious line, a la Kim Mathers…). Check your makeup every now and then, and always keep tissues or blotting papers handy.

Neat, unwrinkled clothes. Sure, you have a gorgeous outfit…but no one notices anything except how wrinkled or rumpled it is. So you don’t have time to iron? Use a steamer. Even easier? Downy Wrinkle Releaser. It’s a quick, easy way to ratchet up your appearance several notches.

Lush, ripe lips. If you don’t have time to apply a full coat of makeup, at least put on some lipstick or tinted gloss—kissable, defined lips brighten up your face. Choose a color a little darker than your own natural lip color for maximum impact without looking like a clown, and opt for a moisturizing formula when possible: matte lipsticks tend to cake, settle into the tiny crevices in your lips, and flake.

Glowing (not greasy) skin. This is where you need to strike a happy medium: too-dry/matte skin looks fake, while too-oily skin looks…well, oily! Both extremes are beauty bombs. Beautiful skin starts within, so make sure to fill your diet with nutrient-rich foods, especially antioxidants, and drink tons of water. Wash and pay attention to the skin on your face regularly, and when you’re out in public, keep tissues or blotting papers in your purse for an occasional pat-down, especially on a hot, humid day.

Shiny hair. Where skin shouldn’t shine, hair should! Dull, dry, listless hair adds years to your appearance and detracts from your beauty. As with skin, beautiful hair starts inside, so pay attention to your diet and hydration. Pamper your hair with leave-in conditioners and scalp treatments, and when you’re heading out, spritz on a shine-enhancing product. Salons offer more intensive treatments such as glazing, which also improves the sensation of hair thickness.

No contrasting roots! Almost every woman has tinkered with her hair color at some point in time, and many ladies have no idea what their “actual” hair color is, after years of experimentation. No problem with that. However, having a “skunk stripe” or obviously darker (or lighter) roots is tacky and unattractive. Can’t make it to the salon right away? Bobbi Brown, legendary makeup expert, advises camouflaging those roots with…eye shadow! Choose a shade of eye shadow that matches your hair color (well, the color you dyed it, that is), and use the bristle side of an eyebrow brush to smooth the eye shadow onto the roots, temporarily covering the color discrepancy, giving you time to schedule that much-needed root job!

Pearls! When it comes to jewelry, pearls are number one for classiness. Slip on a pair of pearl earrings (fake or real, no one can tell), and you will find that you instantly look a little more elegant. Pearls go with everything, whether it’s jeans and a sweater to an elegant cocktail dress. They also flatter practically every skin tone and make tired eyes seem more awake and bright.