Q – 3 months ago I went off the pill and changed to the IUD. My periods have been regular, but this month I’m 1 ½ weeks late. I took a pregnancy test after I missed my period but it came back negative. Should I take another one? Could there be another reason I am late?

A – Going off the pill can cause some irregularity in your menstrual cycle for up to 6 months after stopping the pill.  Therefore the most likely cause in this situation is related to the discontinuation of the pill; however, with any cycle abnormality one should always rule out pregnancy.  Another pregnancy test 1 week later should be carried out unless your period has started.

– Dr. Linda Ducholke, a mother of two, has been a successful Family Practitioner with Obstetrical privileges for the past 20 years. The main focus and passion of her practice is obstetrics and childcare.