Sleep sacks are amazing.  Babies don’t throw them on the floor and stay toasty all night long.  They also help to establish a sleep routine.  Many parents have concern that sacks made of fleece will be too warm.  Fleece is great for winter, spring, summer & fall, but not appropriate for high summer. Fleece was originally developed for outdoor athletes. High performance fleece is considered “100% breathable”, offering great air circulation, despite being a polyester fabric. Fleece fabric is ideal for babies because of its wicking and quick-dry properties. Wicking refers to the fleece’s ability to move moisture along the fibers away from your baby’s soft skin. Unlike cotton which will just absorb moisture, fleece is also quick-drying, meaning drool, sweat and other liquids dry quickly so your baby stays more comfortable. Along with these properties, fleece stays warm even when wet and is machine washable and dryable. The ultra-soft texture of fleece is also very soothing for your baby’s little fingers.

Because of these great qualities, fleece is a perfect fabric to use for sleepsacks or crib sheets for your baby. A proper fitting sleepsack(appropriate neck and arm holes for the baby’s size) takes the worry of your baby getting tangled up in blankets or throwing off the blankets and waking up from being chilled. This type of product is recommended by the SIDS Alliance.