sleepySleepy Sundays… It is mornings like these that I wish I were still a couch potato. It is Sunday morning and time for my regular training run. I look forward to running with my group. It is usually my most challenging run of the week but it seems painless when running with interesting people and doing one of my favorite things, talking.

I am typing with blurry eyes. M has been nursing constantly through the night lately. I know she is too old to need it. But between teething and separation anxiety I have surrendered for the time being. My shoulders are stiff from bicep presses and a crooked sleeping position that comes with cuddling the baby all night. The only bonus of this situation is all the calories I burn nursing in my sleep as M has free reign over my body.

They are all sleeping. L, M and daddy are having a weekend morning snooze as I pull on my spandex and get ready to head out in the cold. I am slightly jealous of them. I am actually envious of most people that have the luxury of sleeping in. Don’t tell me how well you slept last night or what time you slept in till, unless you want me to resent you.

I make this choice but, it is only natural to question it especially when sleep is at a premium. I remind myself how refreshed I will feel when I return. The dishes that are haunting me will only take a few minutes to complete.  My mood will be happy and I will conquer my day. Conflict may erupt later in the day when my husband and I draw straws to see who gets to have an afternoon nap. But I guess I will jump that hurdle when we get there….until then

Well look at the time

I got to run!

– Stephanie Raposo