My son desperately wants to be a marine biologist. He’s 10. And recently he was awarded his PADI open water diver certificate. The other cool bit about our son is that he loves to do things with the whole family. The Deep on Netflix has been a godsend – both for him and me as a parent.

We’ve been kind of binge watching The Deep series (how can you not?) as we talk scuba and marine life. The other bit is that we’ve been continuing more activities as a family, while watching a similar family on Netflix. It’s great to feel like we’re similar to cool scuba/marine characters!!

This family of four is bonded securely, and undergoes episodes in the ocean in order to accomplish family goals. The tweens banter in an adorable fashion, as their parents support their curiosity and efforts in a ‘perfect parent’ kind of way. It’s really a tribute to what you want to be like as a family.

The tweens / teens have cool pink streaks in their hair and the Mom is the expert rockstar spaceship driver. As it should be. (And she never forgets to get gas like I do). Both Mom and Dad listen to their kids, try their ideas and truly make decisions as a family.

The level of suspense coupled with the learning pieces are excellent even for an adult audience. “People need to be able to fail on their own. We need to take risks, and pick ourselves up and keep going.” That’s the kind of amazing message being spread by The Deep.

We will keep watching this show over, and over again. Even if my son doesn’t become a marine biologist. But I kindof suspect he will – especially after he has seen this series. Beware though…. there is a new season coming, and binge watchers should beware. Enjoy, friends!