People wonder if it is really that important to encourage babies to sleep on their backs.  Many hate to be swaddled and tend to flail and scream unless they are snuggled onto their tummy.  Unfortunately, babies are safer on their backs.  Ugh.  But are there tips to encourage babies to sleep on their backs?  Yes.  We’ve come up with a few..

1.  Always put a baby to sleep on their back.  Keep flipping them over if they turn.
2.  Pillows or rolled up swaddling blankets on either side can go far towards keeping them stationary.
3.  Sometimes an indented or v-shaped pillow works wonders when they are tiny.
4.  Feed your baby about 30 minutes before bedtime to try satisfaction with a full stomach.
5.  Tuck a favourite blanket or piece of your clothing (snugly) around the baby to provide comfort.
6.  Leave the room while baby is still awake.
7.  Make a routine with sound, book, lighting – whatever you feel you can sustain and repeat.
8.  Eliminate stuffed animals, bumpers and loose blankets.  We love sleep sacks and swaddlers.

Babies have an increased risk of dying of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, when they sleep on their stomachs. This is related to the inability to lift their head completely. Once the baby can easily lift and turn its head from side to side-usually about 3-4 months – the baby can sleep on its stomach. You might try propping a baby on it’s side using rolled up towels or receiving blankets (to ensure the rolls are well away from their face) and see if she can sleep in this position.