Needing some Mommy-inspiration?  Grab some fluffy slippers and flop on your sofa.  You don’t even need lipgloss to check out these flicks.  And if you’re interested in getting into a real theatre to see a new release, you needn’t fret.  Many cinemas have implemented programs to enable you to come with the babies and kids.  You might not be able to hear a pin drop, but at least it’s a dark and comfy place to breastfeed!  Be sure to check out Movies for Mommies, Stars and Strollers, and Vids for Kids.

The Incredibles is the story of a superhero family who struggles to live in normalcy. Mrs. Incredible is a woman who will try her best to protect her family and to serve as a role model to her kids. Though she admits she is not perfect all the time, her mother instincts and her dedication to her family makes her an amazing mom. If you want a good family movie that is super, the Incredibles is a perfect family movie. It may not be your cup of tea for a movie night but hey, you can get some good cues from Mrs. Incredible if you have super duper hyper kids.

Mrs. Miniver is the matriarch of an English family and the movie was set in the first months of the First World War. As a parent, she has to protect her family from the dangers of war. Mrs. Miniver is a calm, collected and very capable mother who will go the distance in order to protect her family. Even when dealing with a wounded German soldier, she exudes calmness and control. This is a great movie for women who want to know how to be in control yet be loving, caring and a perfect example of a mother.

Stepmom is a heartwarming films about a mother who is terminally ill her two kids, their father who was divorced to their mom and a step mom. It is a unique and modern take on the relationships between the two women, the children. Being a mother with an illness, fighting for life and dealing with the new woman of her ex husband. This is an amazing film that transforms relationships into a heartwarming experience. The appeal of this film is really brilliant and it is very inspiring to many. You will certainly love to have this for your own movie collection. This is an amazing film that you should watch.

The Sound of Music is the story of a nun in training who was sent to take care of 7 children of a decorated man. She transformed the gloomy and sad house of Von Trapp and has given it music. She changed the kids, showed them love and find love herself in the persona of Captain Von Trapp. This movie is the best musical in the whole world so you will certainly love this in your collection. The movie is a bit lengthy so for your weekend movie experience, enjoy the Sound of Music and sing its memorable songs.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood is the story of a Popular New York Playwright named Siddalee who was estranged from her mother for many years. A Time Magazine interview she did before made the relationship between Siddalee and her mother even more turbulent. Her friends desire to patch up things between her and her mother. They wanted to tell her about her mom’s past. The movie talks of the complexities of the relationships between women. This is an amazing movie that you will certainly love to watch when you are with your girlfriends, your mother or your daughter.