Father’s Day is a great reminder of how important our dads are. Even as adults, raising our own kids, they have a place in our lives and taking the time to nurture that bond is crucial as we and our dads age. It can be easy to rely on the relationships we have built over time and go into autopilot with making connections, but there is so much we can learn if we take the time to listen to the insights they’ve gained since we spent so much time sitting on their knees. Taking the time to get to know the man our dads have become is a great way to learn more about ourselves and our own futures. My husband is a great dad and my boys are so lucky to have him. Let’s face it, dads are special. 

Dads are like superheroes to their kids. They always have answers, they’re big and strong, and most of all, they take care of you when you need it the most. But as dads start to get older, it can feel like the roles reverse and the kids become the parents! If your dad is anything like mine, he ignores reading those long instruction manuals, he won’t ask for directions when lost, and is stubborn beyond belief. Well, we can’t always change them despite our best efforts (haha), but this Father’s Day, the best gift you can give your dad is to have an honest conversation about the things he could do to take better care of his health.

  • Get moving
    • One of the best ways to spend time with your dad is by getting active together. Suggest a weekly walk with your dad if you live in the same area, or if distance prohibits, start a friendly online competition of who can walk more steps, or log more hours outside. Become friends on the network of your favourite fitness tracker! While it might be challenging at first, they will thank you for it later; consistent exercise and activity can help you maintain your strength and agility, while also improving vitality and sleep, and can even help diminish chronic pain – truly a win-win! Just make sure to start slow, and build up over time so as to avoid injury! It’s an investment in your health too!
  • Address pain before it slows Dad down
    • Nothing can slow a dad down quite like those nagging aches and pains. If they are getting in the way for your dad, get him to ask his pharmacist about medications to manage pain.  He’ll get relief fast – it gives him the relief to be him, for up to 12 hours. Think of all the yard work he could get done in 12 hours! Invite him over to help you with yours!
  • Get his daily greens
    • Does your dad shun all foods that aren’t meats or carbs? With the beautiful seasonal produce available all summer, there are myriad options to brighten up his meals. Suggest a few recipes, or show him how he can grill some veggies and lighten up his meals. This GRILLED VEGGIE recipe is our favourite to make. Maybe make a date to go to the farmers market and grab some local fare.
  • Have a difficult conversation
    • Talk to your dad about the signs of a heart attack and what to do if he may suffer from one. First, he should call 911 immediately, then chew or crush two ASPIRIN 81mg It’s not an easy thought or conversation to have, but being prepared may save his life. Consider taking a first aid course so you know how to respond in an emergency. Learn to save the life of the one who helped give you life! How special is that to be able to return the favour?

Taking the time this Father’s Day to talk to your Dad about living well is truly the best gift you can give.

How will you and your father celebrate Father’s Day?