Pass the cucumber sandwiches please.  Not sure that fried chicken is appropriate in this instance.  Imagine: New York City.  Paris. London, perhaps.  A warm spring day and kids skip rope as you arrange a huge blanket on the soft grass.  You look around in anticipation of your date strolling along the path as you open the basket (Your Central Park wicker picnic basket from Tiffany & Co. of course) only to find a handwritten poem from the aforementioned gentleman.  How in earth’s name did he manage that?  Damn.  He trumped your surprise.  But the poem is incredible.  He was probably inspired by the basket.

Made in natural wicker and with Tiffany blue leather, the nostalgic basket contains Tiffany Weave china and sterling silver cheese knife set, cork screw, bottle stopper, crystal tumblers, cutting board, striped canvas napkins and wool blanket.  Poem, park and laughing children not included.

$3,950  at or by calling 1-800-265-1251.

Photo Credit: Stephen Lewis