My Dentist (He deserved to have it capitalized) is amazing.  Patient, not condescending even if I haven’t flossed in a bit, and the kids adore him.  I thought he was perfect.  And then he whitened my teeth and now I know I would marry the guy if I were not married already.

The first appointment in the teeth whitening process was wonky.  That’s a technical term.  Reverse moulds are done by placing trays around the teeth and squirting purple playdough-like stuff into the moulds.  I should have been a scientist.  It’s purple, and then it hardens white!  How cool is that?

A few weeks later, the rubber trays are ready and you are all set to begin whitening your teeth at home.  You get the plaster moulds too which is awesome, since after I whitened my teeth to a stunning shade of pearl, I left the trays in Argentina.  So now I can get new ones made with these exact replicas of my mouth.  You are given syringes filled with 2 types of whitener that also work to strengthen enamel.  The dual-compartment syringes make you feel pretty advanced, and ensure you squirt every crevice of the trays accurately.  You just have to be careful when your nanny/cleaning lady finds the empties in the garbage and suspects that you’re on drugs.

I remember the old-style whitener, where you slept with your trays in.  The trays didn’t cover the whole tooth, you certainly never got lucky overnight, and the next morning you couldn’t enjoy coffee due to tooth sensitivity.  With the Nite White – 10 minutes, baby!  And you notice a difference right away.  You can whiten to the degree you prefer.  (Remember the Friend’s episode with Ross’ fluorescent teeth? Stop before that point.)  Incidentally, you can also leave them in overnight without the morning sensitivity.  You still might not get lucky though.

I wish someone would invent something this easy for flossing.

Dr. Chris Kan own the Arbutus Point Dental Centre in Kitsilano, Vancouver.  He is also possibly a demi-God.

Disclosure: UrbanMommies was given a teeth whitening experience and as always, our opinions are our own.