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Predicting Your Child’s Height

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How many of you are curious to find out how tall your children will be when they reach their final adult height? Will they be tall or short? Who will they take after? There isn’t a magical formula that will provide you with the exact answer. However, according to several calculators, you can get a good idea – or an estimate – of what your child’s height will be when they are an adult.


A Better Kid's Height Chart

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Rather than the usual devices that need to be attached to the wall, or the door way, this is basically a folding measuring rod with cute little illustrations and a place to put the name and the date of birth and you can measure and record whenever you want to. And when you are moving, well, then you just take it along and don’t worry about finding another spot for the permanent one…  Cute, practical, perfect for kids to play around with!  Available at Charles and Marie.