How many of you are curious to find out how tall your children will be when they reach their final adult height? Will they be tall or short? Who will they take after? There isn’t a magical formula that will provide you with the exact answer. However, according to several calculators, you can get a good idea – or an estimate – of what your child’s height will be when they are an adult.

Kid’s Height Predictor – This calculator is based on the height of the parents.
Kid’s Height Calculator – When you double a child’s height at two years of age, you get the Two Years Times Two Method.
Yet Another Height Calculator – this predictor uses your child’s current height and shows where they should be when they are in their adult stages according to a growth curve.

Keep in mind that many factors may influence your children’s future growth, including their overall health and nutritional status and their genetic potential.

Keep in mind that there are several factors that contribute to the final adult height that your child will reach, including their nutrition, health, and genetics beyond the maternal and paternal height. For instance, one of the parents might be short while the rest of their family is tall. You child might just pull from the tall gene, bypassing that parent tremendously. Normally, though, the height of your child will fall fairly close to an average of the parent’s heights.