I’m not really a coffee snob.  Well, I didn’t used to be anyway.  I was sent a lovely package of coffee beans from Ethical Bean Coffee, and I’m pretty hooked.  Not only by the taste (Rocket Fuel was a fav), but by the whole experience.  A gorgeous handwritten letter talking about Moms and coffee, a ribbon on the box, and a great socially responsible story.   I must share an excerpt from Aaron’s beautifully penned letter (their Director of Coffee):  “New moms, experienced moms, it doesn’t matter – often can do it all.  (Coffee is) a reason to gather, a moment to pause, all the while strapping one’s mind to a finely honed edge.  And as we both know, every little bit counts.”  Wow.  This is from a guy.  Who obviously understands.

It’s fairtrade certified, and organic.  There are no pesticides, and the company donates partial proceeds to the two Guatemalan organizations (Project Somos and Child-Aid) from sales in the month of December.  Tastes good and you feel good.  Time for a coffee break.