Step Stool ChefA kid with a passion for cooking since age two, Step Stool Chef is inspiring kids everywhere who share his love for food. With the motto, “Little guys can do big things too!,” Step Stool Chef has joined the ranks of top chefs, cooks, bloggers and foodies on the step-by-step cooking app SideChef to share his recipes and make cooking fun and easy for cooks of all levels and ages.

Ranked in the iTunes Store’s Top 10 apps in the Food and Drinks category and named on USA Today’s best apps of 2014, SideChef provides audio and visual directions, automatic timers and even tutorial videos and tips to guide cooks along the way.

The following are a list of Step Stool Chef’s recipes that are perfect for the little cook in your household:

  1. Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese
  2. Pizza in a Bowl
  3. Mac and Cheese Bites
  4. Taco Buddies
  5. Rainbow Pasta Salad
  6. Italian Baked Tilapia Parmesan & Basil Pesto Rice
  7. Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole
  8. Salmon with Brown Sugar Glaze
  9. Vanilla Ice Cream Souffle
  10. Cupcake Fondue
  11. YaYa’s No Bake Strawberry Shortcake

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