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Test Drives: Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

auto, GEAR By May 18, 2012 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

This is not your grandfather’s sedan.  Touch screen, usb ports and detailed backup camera.  The embroidered Lincoln logo on the leather seats ensures you never forget you’re in a classy ride.  It’s hard not to feel like a rockstar while driving this car.

What we liked:

1.   It’s like a tank.  You are king of the road.
2.   It’s amazing on gas.  4.6 L/100 km in the city and 5.4 on the highway.  Estimated yearly fuel cost? $1,050.  (I think that’s what I currently pay monthly…)
3.  You feel like a techy brainiac while you drive.  You can see the fuel consumption and the gadgetry is exquisite, as are the AV capabilities.  “With nearly 10 gigabytes of hard drive storage for a music jukebox and built-in photo gallery, the system goes beyond functional to flat-out fun. You can access up to 2,400 of your favourite songs and view stored photos.”
4.  The drivers’ seat goes super-high for a short woman.  The seat has a 10-way adjustment.
5.  The trunk fits at least 20 bags of groceries.  Rock solid.
6.  Voice-activated navigation that shows up on the LCD screen and includes landmarks.

Not so much:

1.  Despite the sleek exterior and cool tech, I still felt old.  It could be because more grey hairs are sprouting though.
2.  The carseats were difficult to latch.  But I think that’s because of the cushy seats.  Still – the “Latch” system needs some work.

And would it make a good push present?

Absolutely.  Just don’t let the kiddos draw on the seats – they are covered in Bridge of Weir leather that comes from the British Isles.

Disclosure: UrbanMommies Media testdrove this vehicle for a one-week period.


Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

GEAR, toys By September 13, 2011 Tags: , , , , No Comments

Do you ever enter the kids’ playroom and want to crawl under a rock?  The tracks are always a huge issue, as the kids will be so upset if you dismantle their handiwork.  There is finally a solution.  Wall Tracks by Hot Wheels go on the, well, the wall.  A spacial revelation, kids can use the vertical axis to create play – they will even bend around corners.  The modular pieces can be assembled in hundreds of ways, and Command wall strips from 3M ensure that your precious paint isn’t damaged.  Now we just need a solution to the Lego mess issue..