Twins?  I wish.  I’ve always been likened to Kristen Davis, and once a guy on the street asked me out by saying that I looked like ‘Sex and the City’s’ Charlotte.  He struck out, however, as I would rather have been told that I was a spectacular actor like ‘Sex and the City’s’ Kristen Davis.  I had the opportunity to meet the new mother and icon on Friday, August 3rd,  when she attended the launch event for Zarbee’s new all natural extra strength line of cough products for adults and children 12 and up at The Kimberly Hotel.  The luncheon focused on keeping healthy as a mom while balancing work and life.

Hosted by Liz Gumbinner of Mom 101 and Cool Mom Picks, the event celebrated individuals that are an inspiration to their families and communities and I was lucky to have been interviewed by fellow Canadian Janice Croze of 5 Minutes For Mom. We spoke of work/life balance and the challenges of making healthy choices for our children.

On the question of balance, I shared that the word seems like a moving target.  Not only does it seem unattainable, but the concept puts too much pressure on mothers.  It’s like a constant benchmark imposed by society and we are always falling short.  Surely that’s not healthy.  Some days we’ll be with our families for a disproportionate amount of time, baking bread and playing blocks.  (Ok maybe just the block part).  Other days we’ll spend a long day at the office.  Are either of these choices wrong if ‘balance’ isn’t struck on a daily or hourly basis?  I don’t think so.  I think that moms need to be kinder to themselves and look at balance from a more macro perspective.

Asked about health, I laughed.  Feeling like ‘Mom of the Century’, I admitted that my kids play in a ton of dirt outside and I don’t really keep my house very clean.  Shhh.  Hopefully that’s why they are rarely ill!  I tend to get sick a bit more than they do.

I have used Zarbees products in the past – especially because they are available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada.  I have also ‘borrowed’ the kids’ medicines when I have been ill, as I prefer the natural choices, and, well, I have found that they actually work. Miraculously using dark honeys, zinc and vitamins,  Zarbee’s is drug, alcohol, dye and gluten free.

Having just closed her Broadway run of The Best Man, Kristen expertly managed her motherhood and career while keeping everyone healthy.  You can’t really call in sick on Broadway!  Here are her Healthy Tips for New Moms:

  • Eat Right: 
Prepare healthy meals and snacks (like brown rice) when you have a few minutes so you can throw it in the refrigerator and have something healthy on hand when you get the chance to eat.
  • Go Natural:
 Rely on natural products you can trust, especially when you get sick.  You can’t be at your best when you feel terrible!  I love Zarbee’s because it’s an all natural product that helps with coughs and allergies without making me drowsy.
  • Make Time for Yourself: It is hectic being a mom so try to carve out some “me” time during the day – even just a minute to breathe and assess what you need so you can be at your best for your baby.

Disclosure: UrbanMommies was hosted for lunch and received samples of Zarbees products for review.