Ka-Chow! The excitement is mounting as the kids and I depart tomorrow on a sneak preview of Cars Land at Disneyland Resort in Southern California.  Plane trips can be tricky and it helps to be prepared. Space is at a premium, entertainment is key, and yet you can also take the opportunity to do some teaching and nurturing.  Here’s what we packed:

1.  Mader, Doc Hudson and Lightening McQueen (a great way to educate and get them excited about what is to come.  You could do this with any destination – this of what you’d pack for Asia, Paris…)

2.  The Blackberry Playbook, complete with Montessori learning apps and a few games.

3.  Soy rock crayons.

4.  Big foam magnetic letters that the kids are having difficulty with – they will be a captive audience on the plane for learning their ‘G’ and ‘W’!

5.  A hackey sack for burning energy in the airport.

6.  An iPod with their ‘go to sleep’ music downloaded.

7.  Nemo waterwings to get them excited for swimming when we arrive.

8.  Again in the Disney theme, a few little green men from Toy Story.  They can stage battles for hours and we have so many we won’t miss them if a couple get left on the plane.