Stonz baby footwear bootiesWhen they say “Quality, Function, Style and Innovation” they really know what they are talking about. Stonz, was created in 2004 by two moms, with 5 kids between them, who knew they needed something different for their baby’s feet.
Stonz “Quality” booties are made with waterproof, durable non-skid soft soles, water and wind resistant outer layer and fleece lined inner layer for warmth. They’re extremely light weight so your little one can wear them all year round.
Stonz “Functional” booties are machine washable, they fit right over top of what ever your baby is wearing and have a wide opening designed to slip on fast moving feet quick and easy.
Stonz “Stylish” booties come in a variety of fun patterns for both boys and girls. Sizing starts at 0-9ms and go all the way to 1-3yrs.
Stonz are “Innovative” booties, we know you have heard others “claim” that their product stays on but these guys really mean it. Stonz have adjustable toggles at the calf and ankle for a customized fit, they are perfect for outdoor use in strollers, backpacks, or bike trailers. We all know soft soles are encouraged for developing little feet so they also work wonderful as slippers around the house.

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